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sparkling wine wine tasting being poured into a glass inside a room in oxford university.jpg

The Judgement
of Oxford

Commemorating 25 years since founding the student led wine society at Oxford, a group of past and present committee members organise a blind tasting of sparkling wine pitting England against other famous wine regions of the world.

From South Africa to California and throughout Europe, we'll learn more about the art of winemaking through the eyes of these quirky committee members who have to carefully select the competition.

Leading up to the final event, inspired by the famous historical tasting The Judgement of Paris nearly fifty years ago, we will bear witness to see if English sparkling wine has found it's place in the world and the wine industry.

The Judgement of Oxford is an episodic one hour documentary/factual series that will begin filming in 2024 with a completion date of late 2025. Seeking co-production and distribution partners.

Directed by Lauren Anders Brown

The Judgement of Oxford © 2024.

Image made with AI as placeholder until production begins.

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