A documentary featuring five women of different generations across Africa discussing their experiences of their menstrual cycle throughout the cycle of life. 

The film opens with Sunday, a teenager in South Sudan who is barely a woman has to prepare for what is to come - menstruation and the probability of child marriage. In Eswatini, a woman just wants to be like everyone else - bleeding normally every month. But for someone with HIV that is not the reality. Vitoria's accounts of how while experiencing her monthly cycle she survived Cyclone Idai in Mozambique. Bernice faces challenges of choosing food or menstrual supplies while on the streets in South Africa. In Zimbabwe, Christina a former convict discusses her life behind bars while bleeding. And finally, we hear from Dr. Lineo how post-menstrual women are affected by menopause in Africa- and the ending has quite a twist.

This documentary is unique in that it has a holistic approach- it will be filmed in 4-7 days, the average time a women menstruates every month and with an all female crew. On any given day 800 million women are menstruating, and through normalising menstruation by making it visible through filmmaking that it can be addressed as a natural part of life by both men and women worldwide.


PRODUCTION LOCATIONS: South Sudan, Mozambique, eSwatini, South Africa




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