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WANTED Exhibition Proposal_220908_edited

A multi-sensory exhibit of photographs, audio recordings, and immersive films bring us around the world to Ecuador, Morocco and Mozambique into the lives of those who live beyond their limits and disabilities and ignite change for themselves and for future generations. The objective of the exhibition is to build momentum and awareness around the sexual and reproductive health and rights and bodily autonomy of women and young persons with disabilities, highlight the voices and experiences of persons with disabilities, and promote their meaningful participation and access to sexual and reproductive health and gender based violence services. I traveled to Morocco and Ecuador and met with nine people who allowed me into their lives to capture content in visual and auditory formats. Many of the people are activists, but they are also athletes, employees, academics, entrepreneurs and everyday people. As someone who knows what it is like to live with a disability, I approached this exhibit giving all of the contributors full autonomy to choose how they were photographed, and I welcome you to participate in their journeys in whatever medium works best for you: visual, auditory and/or immersive. After exhibitions in Norway, Finland, London, and New York I hope to continue to bring this exhibit to one of the places I've wanted to make the most change for persons with disabilities - Bermuda. 

The final phase of this exhibit, a written and audio book complete with all the interviews of the contributors will be published in 2023.

If you would like to bring the WANTED exhibit to your city or space, please email.

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