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Gender in Conflict

Gender in Conflict

This immersive 360 documentary looks at how gender affects people in conflict. After over eight years of war in Syria, more than 350 000 refugees are still living in makeshift shelter camps in West Bekaa, a fertile but harsh valley bordering Syria. Narrated by both Syrian women and men, we hear their impressions of how their gender has played a role in their experience as refugees and witness their environments in which they experience both equality and inequality. Empowering women requires addressing structural issues such as unfair social norms and attitudes, as well as developing progressive legal frameworks that promote equality between women and men. This documentary was made in collaboration with Amel Association International, an NGO in Lebanon working to address these social norms and attitudes through different gender focused programmes. Moreover, Amel counts a substantial number of female volunteers and thus 80% of Amel’s team are women! VIEWING INSTRUCTIONS: Best viewed using a 360 headset (like Oculus Go) or the YouTube app either with Google Cardboard goggles or holding your phone with space to circle around and view the environment. If viewing on a desktop, you can use the arrows in the circle on the top left of the video to explore the environment. Headphones are best used for all options. Directed, Filmed and Edited by Lauren Anders Brown Music by Yasmine Latkowski Production by George Zahm Produced for Humanitarian Leadership Academy with Amel Association International, and special thanks to Zeina Mohanna. Production services by Quicksand Design Studio and Collaborate: ideas & images.


Ebola Choices is an interactive film experience based on true experiences during the time of Ebola in Liberia. Navigate your way through difficult every day decisions and the consequences of those decisions as a volunteer in Liberia. Made for Humanitarian Leadership Academy with Accountability Lab and L.A.C.E.S. 

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