'Stranger Daughter' is the debut still photography book from Lauren Anders Brown, an award-winning documentary director and photographer. As a filmmaker, her work has taken her to over 40 countries focusing on humanitarian issues, global health, and human rights. This 60 page book is comprised of photographs taken throughout her work on documentaries in a dozen countries: South Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, Eswatini, Mozambique, Colombia, Cuba, Haiti, and Ethiopia. It includes 60 pages of black portraits of women, mothers, survivors, students, children, doctors, midwives, nurses, cleaners, activists, and entrepreneurs.


The title comes from Liberia, where Lauren was given the name 'stranger daughter' by a midwife who lovingly looked after her while she was in country and continues to this day. 'Stranger Daughter' is sold not-for-profit, all costs of the book go towards the 100% recyclable printing and a donation to one of the many organisations captured in the book working towards health and human rights. 

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